The Benefits of Buying a Used Truck

When it comes to almost anything but vehicles—clothes, furniture, electronics—most of us prefer to buy something new rather than used. While getting a brand new car or truck is undoubtedly exciting, there are actually many advantages to buying a used vehicle. These include a potentially lower price tag, avoiding new vehicle fees, having a variety of cars and trucks to choose from, and a high likelihood of getting a used vehicle in great condition. Here are four benefits of buying a used truck.

Value won’t drop

That old adage of your car losing thousands of dollars of value as soon as you drive it off the lot? That’s still true. When you buy used, you can get a great vehicle (at a sometimes much lower price tag), and the value of your car won’t plummet after you purchase it.

Keep in mind that the interest rates for used vehicles are now often the same interest rates for new vehicles, which was not the case in the past. When you buy a used car or truck you more than likely end up paying less overall.

Reduced Fees

When you buy a vehicle (new or used) at the dealership, you’re likely to pay fees like taxes and DMV fees. There may be other fees as well, such as processing, preparation, and advertising fees, which can end up adding hundreds of dollars to the cost of the car or truck. If you buy a used vehicle from a private party, however, you can avoid many of these fees.


Modern vehicles are built to last at least 100,000 miles; therefore, buying a used car or truck does not mean you have to sacrifice overall condition or reliability.

There are also plenty of used cars out there that are like new, and some dealers invest hundreds if not thousands of dollars into their vehicles before they are re-sold. 

Plenty of choices

Lastly, if you’re not looking for a specific year, make, and model of a vehicle, then you have a huge variety to choose from. Keeping your options open makes it much easier to find a vehicle that’s perfect for you.

If you’re looking to upgrade your current car or truck, consider going with a used one rather than a new one. You’ll save money, avoid the fear of the car’s value depreciating, and you have a good chance of finding a car in great condition.

Interested in used lifted trucks for sale in Louisiana? Visit Don’s Automotive Group online or in person. Don’s is one of the nation’s top 50 independent dealers; all of its vehicles go through a certified 172-point inspection and they have one of the largest inventories of pre-owned vehicles in the United States—all of which are viewable online. 

Awarded State Quality Dealer for Louisiana

Don’s Automotive Group Named “Quality Dealer in the State of Louisiana” by NIADA

Also Earns 2nd Runner Up for NIADA’s “National Quality Dealer” at the 2017 Convention & Expo in Las Vegas


June 26, 2017: Lafayette, Louisiana – Don’s Automotive Group, a leading Louisiana auto dealer with more than 150 employees in four locations throughout the state, has just been awarded the prestigious title of “State Quality Dealer”. The award was given by the NIADA (National Independent Automobile Dealers Association) after much competition and deliberation.

It was by winning the Louisiana Independent Quality Dealer of the Year award that resulted in Don’s winning that state’s nomination for the NIADA NQD (National Quality Dealer) Award. Don’s earned 2nd runner up for this title.

The National Quality Dealer Award Program began in 1976. Awarded annually at the national convention, the coveted title is one of the most prestigious in the industry. Award nominees are honored during a live broadcast of an honorary ceremony where the National Quality Dealer of the Year is revealed. Nominees for the award are selected annually on the state level for outstanding service to his/her community and to the industry.

The NIADA sent all nominated dealers a very detailed packet that was to be filled out completely and returned to the group by the first of February. Included in the packet was a very detailed Q&A about Donald, the owner of Don’s Automotive Group, in addition to his biography, a biography of the company, and letters from employees, pastors, DSAA, Trinity Outdoors, LCA, and other charities. Several customer reviews and photos were included, in addition to photos of Don’s facilities and some of the fundraisers the business has taken part in. Finally, copies of the many awards received by Don’s were also included in the packet.

From all packets that were submitted by the due date, the finalists were chosen, who then were interviewed in Las Vegas on the day prior to the awards ceremony.

For more information about Don’s Automotive Group, interested parties can visit To learn more about the prestigious NIADA awards earned by the company, please head to and


Don’s Automotive Group began over 20 years ago with humble beginnings and now boasts four convenient retail locations in Louisiana and over 150 employees. More than 60% of sales result from referral and repeat customers. As the recipient of several local, regional, and national awards and accolades, Don’s Automotive Group enhances the communities in which each store resides, supporting local churches, businesses, and military personnel on a consistent basis. For information on Don’s Automotive Group and the selection of vehicles and services available, please visit


How to Clean Off-Road Truck Tires

Going Off Road? Keep Your Tires Clean with These Tips and Tricks

If you like to go off road, you’re probably used to having dirty tires and wheels. We all know how easily dirt and other pieces of debris can get lodged into the coating of a tire. But cleaning your tires is about more than just appearances. It’s about preventative maintenance. If you don’t clean your tires regularly, all of that excess dirt and debris can actually do lasting damage to your ride. Dirty treads can affect traction and speed, putting extra stress on your tires. Learn how to properly clean your off-road tires with these simple tips and tricks.

Clear a Path

Before you start spraying your tires with various cleaners, you need to do some of the heavy lifting yourself. Start by finding a wire-bristle brush to get rid of large pieces of dirt and anything else that might be hiding in the tread of your tires. Try to move the brush in the direction of the tread.

Washing and Scrubbing Your Tires

Once you’ve removed the bulk of the filth, it’s time for a deep clean. You can spend your money on dozens of self-proclaimed off-road tire cleaners, but many of them have caustic acids and other powerful ingredients that lead to discoloration and cracking. It’s best to avoid those harmful chemicals and stick with an all-purpose cleaner like Simple Green. This cleaner is non-toxic and it won’t dry out your tires like other cleaners. Use about 25% Simple Green and 75% water. Clean the surface of your tires with a nylon brush.

Rinse and Dry Before You Move On

Once you’re finished cleaning one tire, make sure that you completely rinse off the tire and wipe it dry with a soft, clean cloth. If you let the cleaner dry naturally and stick to the tire, it could wear down the rubber over time. Carefully treat one tire at a time, instead of quickly cleaning all four at once.

Protect Your Tires with the Proper Coating

You don’t need to mess with this step every time you wash your tires, but using a traction compound on your tires will help preserve the rubber over time. Once your tires are completely clean and dry, spray a bit of traction compound on the surface. Sticky Kicks is a great choice for off-road tires. You can find it at most auto part stores. Now that you’ve coated the whole tire, use a dry cloth to wipe off any excess fluid and residue.

If you like to get your truck dirty, it’s important to clean your tires every month, if not every week. If you really want to preserve the life of your tires, it’s not a bad idea to wash them every time you go off road.

You can always come to Don’s Automotive Group in Louisiana for off-road tire maintenance and truck repairs.



Window Tinting from DW Accessories

Give Yourself Some Privacy with Tinted Windows

Tinted windows are quickly becoming all the rage. Having your windows tinted gives your car a sleek, mysterious look. You can hop in the driver’s seat and know that no one can see what you’re doing behind the wheel. You’ll have the privacy to do as you please. At Don’s Automotive Group – DW Accessories, window tinting is just one of the many services we offer. Discover the benefits of window tinting and learn about our upcoming FREE giveaway.

Giving Yourself Privacy on the Road

You can encounter some strange characters on the road. You never know when you might see someone with an ornery disposition. When you have your windows tinted, you’re putting up a veil around your car. You can keep driving without worrying about whether or not someone is spying on you from a distance. Tinted windows can also help you protect yourself against theft. If you leave something of value in your car while it’s parked, someone might try to break in. Tinted windows give you the privacy you need to protect yourself on the road.

A Clean, Professional Look

There’s nothing classier than a beautiful car with newly tinted windows. Tinted glass gives your vehicle an air of sophistication. We tend to associate tinted windows with limos, high security vehicles, and those with power and influence. You can spice up your ride by stopping by DW Accessories in Lafayette, Louisiana. Give yourself the gift of privacy and have your windows tinted today.

Tinting Laws State by State

Certain states are more hospitable to tinted windows than others. Window tint laws vary state by state. These laws are designed to keep drivers and passengers safe on the road. Local authorities in certain parts of the country also want to make sure that you’re not doing anything illegal behind all of that tinted glass.

In Alabama, you can only tint the top six inches of the front windshield. As for side windows and the rear windshield, you can’t reduce the light transmission through the glass to less than 32%, nor can you increase the light reflectance to more than 20%.  For SUVs, vans and trucks, the limit is 32% for the driver’s window and the front passenger window only.

In Louisiana, you’re not allowed to drive a motor vehicle with any tinted windows that obstruct the inward and outward view. However, there are some exceptions to this rule including: (1) a sun-screening device on the front side window with a light transmission of at least 40%, the side window behind the driver with a light transmission of at least 25% and rearmost windows with a light transmission of at least 12%; (2) a transparent material, not colored red or amber, affixed to the top of the windshield not extending more than 5 inches down from the top.

The professionals at DW Accessories will make sure that your vehicle complies with your state’s laws. You can visit the AAA website for more information about the window tinting laws in your state.

A Special Tinting Giveaway

We’re also giving away our window tinting services for FREE. Give us a call at 337-210-5000 to register and you can have your windows tinted free of charge.

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